Finish the Fight.

Our Mission

The mission of the Robert E. Reed GI Oncology Research Foundation is to create a World Class Center for Patient Care and GI Cancer Research at UAB. This will bring improved resources for patients and caregivers.

The key components of the Foundation’s efforts are threefold:

  • Living with Cancer Symposium held at UAB. We invite the top researchers in cancer survivability to present their findings to healthcare providers, cancer patients and cancer caregivers. Videos of the lectures are available on our website.
  • The website. Our goal is to make this website a resource for patients, caregivers, doctors, and researchers. The first step is including videos of our Symposium, with the goal of providing a patient registry for research, resources for patients, forums for patient to discuss topics important to their treatment and their lives, and much more.
  • Cancer research, focused on the area of cancer survivability. Funding research has been the cornerstone of the first 10 years of the Robert E. Reed Foundation. Now, we are expanding our support to include not just the work of Dr. Marty Heslin, but also research at UAB, but outside of his own lab where he believes our funding can make the most difference.

To fund our mission, the Foundation has an annual Corporate Campaign, an Individual Campaign, and a signature event, the annual "Finish the fight" Iron Bowl Kickoff Party, held each year on the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

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